Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is yoga?

Yoga is the practice of physical postures and poses. It means "union" in Sanskirt and the unity occurs through the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga was first originated in India, over 26,000 years ago, and believed to be during the period of the Golden Age. It surfaced during the discovery of the largest valley of civilization, Indus.

Firstly, yoga doesn't have to be a religion. I think of it as a way to reach towards greater potential. It builds an awareness of your bodies mobility giving you concentration, flexibility, and stamina. If Yoga is a great stress reliever and melts away unhealthy feelings that captivate your mind and body. It's both freeing and limitless. I'll cultivate mindfulness and bring positive energy into your body which allows you to shine. Yoga is truly emotionally and physically healing and it's actually been scientifically proven.

Health Benefits:
  • decrease in high blood pressure
  • increase in circulation and oxygen throughout the body
  • stronger immunity
  • higher metabolism
  • detoxifies organs   

I only know this from personal experience! My first encounter with yoga was a little over a year ago; sounds like a short amount of time, right? It's crazy because it feels like I've been doing it a life time. Yoga has provided me with strength, motivation, and confidence. Being already flexible was definitely an advantage, but now I can do poses I never knew were even possible. My horrible posture is now noticeably impeccable! My yoga practice has brought me an awareness and abundance to try my best in everything. You really can't give up on your first try, like life, yoga can be a challenge, and practice only makes you stronger. 

There's hundreds of different ways to do yoga and it's probably the most wide ranged physical activity out there. So please don't hesitate to try something new and I am positive you'll receive only positive results. I really hope this post inspires you to give yoga a chance and I encourage that you'll stick with it! :)


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