Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Karma Cafe

This evening Jess and I hit up this artsy little vegan restaurant in Redbank, Good Karma Cafe. It was a very nice little area surrounded by tons of  shops and cozy little restaurants. Once inside there was interesting artwork decorating the walls, intimate table settings, and the indie background music fit the scene perfectly. It was as healthy as it was delicious, here are some highlights of our lovely dinner date :)
awaiting the meal to come...
Our appetizer, queso dip and nachos! The dip was not necessarily reminiscent of a true queso dip however the pico on top made it fresh and it was an interesting spin on traditional cheesy dips.
Now onto the main courses! I had pineapple and mango tempeh. This meal was everything I had hoped and more! It consisted of coconut crusted tempeh, jasmine rice and sauteed veggies then topped off with Thai coconut sauce and pineapple mango chutney. The creamy Thai coconut sauce was my absolute favorite part of this dish, so rich and flavorful. Then you have tender tempeh, veggies and warm fruit which when all mixed together created a delicious flavor explosion in my mouth! Super tasty!

Now here is Jess's meal, a Cajun seitan wrap. Which was a tortilla filled with Cajun spiced seitan, sauteed greens, caramelized onions, crisp carrots and a drizzle of sweet mustard sauce. This was also equally delicious (of course I had to try some). The seitan was crunchy and the Cajun seasoning added just the right touch of spice while the onions and vegetables complemented the seitan wonderfully!
This beverage right here is Live Lemonade, Good Karma's most popular freshly made beverage. It is made with fresh apple and lemon with a pinch of ginger over ice. It was soo fresh and delish! It tasted like freshly squeezed lemony goodness!

And now for the best part...desert!
Tiramisu! It was fun to try a new take on one of my favorite non vegan deserts. It was spongy and creamy and the chocolate crumbles topped it off very nicely.
And here's a little treat we brought home for the parent's, a hemp seed chocolate chip cookie, no word on how this tasted yet so we'll get back to that later.
Overall, our experience at Good Karma Cafe was delicious and delightful, the staff was friendly and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. It is definitely a place I will recommend and I'm hoping to be back there soon to try some more vegan deliciousness. Check out their website for menu information, and add visiting Good Karma Cafe to your to-do list! 

Be back soon, <3Aria

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