About Jessica

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, an eighteen-year-old girl, attempting to live life in balance. I am currently in my freshman year of college and my dream is to help others achieve healthier lifestyles. I am in high hopes that co-writing this blog with my dear sister, Aria, that I will inspire readers to become more prominent in their health. Because living in balance is all about taking care of yourself; both physically and mentally. How do you achieve that? Well, I recommend buying yourself a nice pair of shoes, eating a delicious and nutritious meal with some friends, clearing your mind with an invigorating work out, and of course getting enough sleep.

Despite my young age, I am very involved with my health. But.. I will admit, as a kid I was influenced by my friends’ bad eating habits. My sinful favorites were ramen noodles, easy mac, and chicken fingers with french fries. But in my household, mom always cooked very nutritious meals every night, drinking soda was a rarity, and lunchables were never an option. I became more proactive in my health when I turned thirteen, and I decided to give up red meat. I actually liked eating it and made me feel uncomfortable. Sure enough, the thought of eating a cute pig or pretty cow made my heart break. I didn’t really enjoy eating chicken either; and only ate it because I thought it was the only option at the time. A little over a year passed and I decided to give up eating poultry as well. Little by little I began removing unclean foods from my diet. Such as processed snacks and foods containing ingredients that I couldn't pronounce.  I began cooking healthier meals for my family and pretty soon made vegetarian meals. I soon became a vegetarian in early 2006 and never felt better. My family didn’t always support my decision and even Aria felt it was necessary to say, “Hey Jess, there’s pork in that” to set me off. But once they got used to it and started exploring vegetarian cuisine they all accepted it. I inspired my sister to stop eating meat and made my parents more aware of the harmful chemicals found in meat.

Food is really wonderful! I love eating it, cooking it, photographing it, and watching shows about it. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to food and prefer it natural and wholesome. I am notoriously known for my pesky food intolerances. My body doesn't respond well to dairy products, so I try my hardest to avoid it. Aside from that I love trying foods from different cultures, my sister Aria and I always get different entrees, and share off of each others plates. :)

As for fitness, I was always moderately active. As a child I took gymnastics, acrobats, cheerleading, ballet, and tap. Now, I work out at least five times a week. I practice yoga daily for about an hour and a half (it’s pretty addicting…), enjoy walking, and occasionally love an intense cardio work out. I absolutely love the aftermath of a wonderful exercise. I look forward to the energetic burst I receive afterwards, it’s so rejuvenating! I especially love to exercise with other people because it provides a more powerful and motivating atmosphere.

When it comes to fashion, it's all about inspiration. I get very excited when I look at vintage fashion magazines, old pictures of my mom, and classic movies. Although a good splurge is lovely, inexpensive clothing from thrift shops is my guilty pleasure. One time while in Maryland, I got three sweater vests, one pull over sweater, and a cardigan all for a buck! It was a very good day for me. As for my personal style, I prefer the classics with a little edge!