Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Take ANYTHING For Granted!

I am writing this post to remind everyone that life is short and should never be taken for granted. You have to live each day like it's your last and really thank God for all those that you love and cherish because in a second it can be taken away without you even realizing it. Why this sudden revelation, well last night my boyfriend and I were victims of a serious car accident. Can't really explain much, the last thing I remember is my body being thrown around in the front seat as my car literally rolled over from the right lane to the left, right by the divider (thank the Lord for seat belts or who knows if we would both be here today). The front end of my car was completely ruined, the windshield cracked in every which way, the air bags deployed and the driver side window was blown out. A very surreal and life changing experience that taught me that 1: God is on my side and protected me a David, 2: Never take anything for granted and always be thankful for everyday, and everyone in your life and 3:God will protect and provide for you, just have a little faith. I am truly so thankful that David and I are OK and all we have to show from this accident is some minor scrapes, scratches and bruises. Be safe, and ALWAYS wear your seat belt!!!!

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