Friday, October 22, 2010

How to make any piece of clothing more versatile

A common misconception when it comes to clothing is that certain pieces may only serve one purpose. Often times you will go shopping for a certain event/occasion and say to yourself “I’ll probably only wear this stupid dress once”. Well you’re wrong! Many “one time” pieces can easily be transformed into an outfit for any and all occasions. For example all summer I was searching for the perfect pair of black dressy shorts to wear to go out with friends or dress down when I just wanted a little edge in my look. Well I finally found these shorts at the very end of the summer, at Urban Outfitters no less for $48. When I excitedly told my girlfriends about my purchase they assured me that it was silly to pay that much for a simple pair of shorts considering the summer was over in less than a month. Guess what? I wore these very shorts over the weekend with my outfit for a friend’s birthday and is it summer, NO! So with that being said there are plenty of ways to transition a spring/summer piece into a fall/winter one as well as turning a simple party dress into a weekend city look. All you have to know are some fun ways to re-accessorize the pierces to turn them into the look you desire. Here are some ways you can make the most out of your closet (and wallet) and transition pieces of clothing as the seasons change.
Example One
 This is how I wore this cute lacy dress from H&M for my parent’s 25th anniversary party. Below is another way to completely change the look into a more relaxed and casual one.
A fun chic weekend look!
Just add a cute little jacket, and throw on some boots or even some cute flats, whatever your comfortable in (I showed it with my favorite denim jacket and vintage cowboy inspired boots). Since we are now approaching winter, add some knit or sheer tights in a wine or burgundy color to really pull the look together. Shown here are some tights I found on the Forever 21 website for only $4.80. I'm a big sucker for bargins ;)
And now for Example two: Dressy Black Shorts.

Here is how I made them work for the Fall:

To achieve this idea add tights-go for textured or ones with a funky print if they are plain black or pair with a funky top to make the look more fun. I added a metallic silver body suit that zippers down the middle that I got from American Apparel. If you are going for a dressier look, add sleek accessories like a black clutch or a sharp black blazer which I paired with the look. Just remember these are just suggestions, there are tons of ways to revive pieces it's all about accessorizing and mixing and matching the right ones!

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