Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rant of the day

Hello my beautiful friends, it's Jessica! As of now it seems like I’ll have a lot more time on my hands. So, I decided to use my college “free-time to write! The reason for all of this time is due to not driving nor having a car. To avoid your confusion I’ll explain why I am currently in this situation. Well you see, I am kind of an absent minded person and each road test I’ve taken ended tragically.

The first time I took my road test was kind of embarrassing. Somehow I allowed my nerves to take over my body and I didn’t get on the left lane and turned left… while still on the right lane. Although it was stupid and an automatic fail, I remained positive and told myself “I’ll get it next time!”

Boy, was I wrong…I failed the second time due to my anxiety and nerves. Perhaps I would’ve been less nervous if my inspector wasn’t so haughty and rude. Before I even started the test he sat in the passenger side with such a dirty look on his face. He criticized my driving every step of the way, which made it very distracting for me. I failed because I wasn’t prepared. He actually told my father he was doing us a favor by failing me.

Okay, I will admit the third time I took the test was completely avoidable and I am still sensitive about it. I managed to do everything (including parallel parking) impeccably. I was so confident throughout and started daydreaming of me waiting patiently for my license in the DMV line. While this was happening in my brain, I managed to drive past a stop sign. Oh. My. GOD. My very silent inspector just looked at me and told me to park the car. After a few moments he said, “Well you just need to come back.” Apparently my excellent parallel parking was not enough and not stopping at a sign is just unacceptable.

In case you're wondering, my next road test and hopefully my last is in March. I’ve probably managed to make all the dumb and possibly dangerous mistakes possible, so I just need to go in there and know that it’s only what I’ve been doing for these past 12 months. Whoa, I totally bored you with my life right there. You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with health, fashion, or fitness?” It doesn’t. I just wanted to clarify with the world why I am so dependent on everyone for rides. Thank you drivers, I appreciate, and love you all! <3 -Jess

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